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Thank you very much! The color and size of the collar was perfect. I'll pass on your brochures. Thanks!
Beth and Tessa, Englewood, CO
February 1, 1995

I am really enjoying your product! What a wonderful feeling to run with my dogs and not have to hold onto leashes (Hands-Off Leash)! Good luck to you.
Linda, St. Paul, MN
July 25, 1996

I am interested in your dog collars as I ran into a woman in Door County (WI) who purchased one at a show in Sister Bay (WI). I would be interested in knowing what you have in stock for collars. Thank you!
Mary Jo, De Pere, WI
August 8, 1996

You helped me adjust the collar for our Welsh Terrier at the art fair in Madison (WI). I am writing to let you know that I washed both of our dog's collars and they turned out great! Thank you for the suggestion and for making products which bring out our pet's unique personalities.
Mary, Madison, WI
December 1, 1996

I love all your collars and leashes. I ordered two sets for Xmas! Thank you!
Amy, Madison, WI
January 20, 1997

The collars look great! The dogs love them.
Fred, Liz, Guinness and ZuZu
Port Washington, WI
April 1997

Many thanks, your fabric choice looks great on Earl! Makes him look so handsome and debonair.
Phyllis, Thiensville, WI
May 2, 1997

Thank you so much for fulfilling my order over the phone. I really enjoyed talking to you. You are a champion for animals and the world needs more people like you!
Robin, Appleton, WI
December 16, 1998

Thanks. Here is a picture of our girls, thought you would like to see.
Holly, Rainbow and Trinidad
Emergency Shelter of Fox Valley
Fish Creek, WI May 30, 1999

Thank you for the beautiful collar. Walter looks great in it. When all the relatives visited they commented on his new outfit.
Mary Sue, Abrams, WI
January 1, 2000

Last year I purchased a collar for our Yellow Lab and love it. It's time for a bright new one. They are great. We wash it often and it comes off so easy with the plastic clasp. Your collars are wonderful!
Jami and Bailey, Algoma, WI
April 10, 2000

We love our new collars and leashes. We are the "jazziest" guys at the park! Love!
Bear and Blue, Madison, WI
September 26, 2000

Forgive us for the delay in writing to THANK YOU for our beautiful new collars, and the donation of two collars to our foster German Shepard brothers. We have noticed that there appears to be an influx of new dogs to the neighborhood who sit outside our fence and look on longingly at our brightly colored neckwear as we now command attention wherever we go. For this, we extend to you our deepest gratitude. Thank you, Fur Face, for colorful collars that give that extra touch of class and sophistication we "little ones" surely deserve and wear so well!
Ricky and Lucy,
Cottage Grove, WI
German Shepard Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin
February 7, 2001

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